Pins that inspired me this past week –

Pins that inspired me this past week

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I love pinning areas of the home that give me inspirations in mine! Even something as simple as a blanket on a couch can inspire me to have a cozy couch. Or prints on a pillow! It’s so funny talking with my dad about some of the things I share on my blog. He thought it was interesting that people are interested in these things. I laughed too because saying it out loud that I get inspired by a pillow print does sound silly. But, it’s cause its just one element of a whole picture that makes our house a home, right!

Entryway. This was an old pin but I just love it so much! The mix of natural elements and the pretty gallery wall. It’s so inviting, isn’t it? This was my favorite entryway.














Awesome large chaise. How cool is this super large chaise! The tufting is so elegant but the linen material makes it a little more relaxed. Love!
















Window seating.  I love the window, the walls, the chandelier and the cozy chaise. Though I can’t fit that thing into my home, I love the feel this room gives. So warm and peaceful.

inspiration1_window seating













Gallery wall. Here’s a pin from a while back but came across this again and had to share. This gallery wall is a beauty!



















Wall clock. Isn’t this room just inspiring?! I love the shutters and this imperfectly perfect clock.




















Fireplace. I love the look and feel of this fireplace. Especially love the warm and cozy styling.




















Bedroom. The simplicity of this room just inspires me. Love everything about it.




















Bathroom. The subway tiling and shower head in the bathroom.. Just beautiful!






















Bedding. This bed screams cozy and fun! Love H&M home.








Outdoor patio. Lastly, is this beautiful patio. Something that’s speaking to my heart right now. Having a pretty small home and a growing family makes a patio like this seem more desirable. Love this!




















There goes my inspirations this monday. Hope you guys enjoyed these. Have an awesome week! If you’d like to see where these pins are, they’re found in my Pinterest account named Almafied under my “inspire me” pins. Thanks for coming by!

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