Real techniques makeup brushes: thoughts and review –

Real techniques makeup brushes: thoughts and review

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Hey y’all, well when I first started this blog (a year already YIKES), my plan was to embrace and share my love for beauty and style whether it be with the home, with hair and makeup, fashion or anything I can style up. Of course you will definitely see mostly home related posts since right now in my life my home is where I am most of the time and most likely to be styled regularly haha, but being that I’m also a cosmetologist who has a love and a little bit of knowledge in the hair, skin and makeup department, I really wanna share this area with you too! I literally have posted one time on beauty and you could find that here=) but I know I should share a little more often than that so here’s post number two=P.

Some regular questions I get from friends and family are things like how do I cut my own bangs, what are good makeup brushes for a starting makeup artist, what’s a good skin care line for sensitive skin, what are the best drugstore mascaras, lipsticks, brow pencils.. The list goes on.

So if you have any ideas of some topics you’d like me to touch on under the umbrella of beauty, please do ask! I’d love to share what I do know and even do research if needed in areas we would all benefit from.
Today, I wanted to share a makeup brush line that I absolutely love called Real Techniques. Maybe you already own some.. If you do, let me know which ones are your faves and if there’s one that I don’t own, give me more deets;) I have a few other makeup brushes from different companies, but this line is definitely one of my faves for good reason.
What I love about these brushes overall:
-They are affordable and worth every penny.
-You can find these at a lot of drugstores so they’re easy to find.
-High quality.
-The perfect weight and perfect density on the hairs of the brushes.
-They don’t shed
-The brushes are soft to the touch and isn’t rough on the face.

You can find more info on the brand, description, and materials here.

Probably the only con I have on these brushes:
I’m not too fond of a couple of the eye brushes. I don’t think they were well thought out. Specifically the brow brush and the pixel point eyeliner brush. The brushes are just not the ideal size for what they’re purposed for. They do come in the Starter Set but overall even if I never used those 2 brushes, it would still be worth the buy. BTW, as far as prices go, a little tip I learned was to wait for the Real Techniques to go on sale at Ulta and you can use your $3.50 off of $10+ and sometimes they have other coupons if you’re a part of their rewards program. But even without the deals, seriously still affordable. I just like saving money when I can 😉
I am so bummed that my most used brush in this line wasn’t pictured, the blush brush which you can see here. I totally forgot about it cause it’s in the car right now and I generally do leave it there, cause come Sunday, I am most likely rushing and will just apply some bronzer in the car. I’m terrible, I know!! Btw, that makeup sponge below is not just a dupe for the super expensive Beauty Blender but I’d say better. And at a quarter of the price of a Beauty Blender, that’s a steal!

My other most used makeup brushes are pictured below and are called starting from the top: sculpting brush, expert face brush, buffing brush, base shadow brush, setting brush, contour brush and miracle complexion sponge. I listed on the photo what I personally use each brush for generally.
All these brushes I own pretty much come from 3 different sets and a few brushes just bought separately. Here are the 3 different sets:

The Core Collection

The Starter Set

The Travel Essentials realtechniques_travelessentials

The ones I own that are sold separately are the expert face brush, blush brush, sculpting brush, setting brush, and the miracle complexion sponge.

This all being said, would I recommend this to the every day woman? Absolutely. It is perfect for every day use and I personally grab for a few of them over my higher end brushes honestly. How about for the pro makeup artist? Only having these brushes in your kit won’t quite cut it but there are definitely some brushes you could totally get away with having in your kit, for sure!
I’m thinking about posting a youtube video soon on this brush set and maybe go into more details, but for now there you have it. Let me know if you’d be interested in a video like that. Do you already use Real Technique brushes? If so, just curious what your favorites are, Or even if you hate them, I’ll like to hear about it too=)
Thanks so much sweet friends for stopping by! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!XX


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    Kristin M

    90% of my makeup brushes are also Real Techniques! I think my favorite part about them is that they don’t shed. There is nothing worse than a shedding makeup brush! I’d love to see how you do a 5 minute everyday face on YouTube!

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