Said our goodbye’s to the house on Jennings and a little intro of our new home –

Said our goodbye’s to the house on Jennings and a little intro of our new home

home sweet home

Oh my goodness, it’s been too long! Oh how I’ve missed sharing all things home, loves and life right here. I just wanted to say hello and give a quick update since my last post which was the spring tour. I’m terrible I know, but I am here today to bring you guys up to date! Can you believe we’re already in August?!

Well if you are following along on Instagram, I’ve shared here and there about our move to our new home. We officially moved in on May 7th and have been loving this new adventure. Here’s some pics of the last house on Jennings all packed up and getting ready to go.. Warning: lots of realness happening so these pictures are just letting you all in to take a sneak peak of real life over here and not quite the prettiest moments!

In the moving truck on moving day!
In the moving truck on moving day!

The younger kids were so excited for their new home, and especially having a new bedroom. Our oldest on the other hand.. not so much. This was the home where he’s lived in the longest and just grew attached to the place. For the first 2 months he would randomly bring up how much he missed the house on Jennings. But as of lately, though I don’t think he’ll admit it quite yet, I think this new house is really growing on him and is feeling more like home as time passes. Here’s some shots of our last day at the empty house saying our last goodbyes.


Currently, we are still working on lots of renovations but praise the Lord, the big must do right away things are almost done. As I type, my hubby love is right here nailing in the last of the baseboards as I’m taking a break from caulking an entryway casing. It’s crazy that we’ve been here now for over 3 months. Here’s some photos our appraiser sent us right before we moved in of the exterior and main living space.

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With baby #4 on the way, we have been really busy trying to finish as much as we can on the house. But with so much to do on an older house that really was in need of some fixes here and there to make it more suitable for us, I feel like we’ve been all over the place. A big example of what I mean is.. with our kitchen, for the most part it’s done but is still in need of paint on the walls, some electrical work, light fixtures and some much needed recessed lighting.. Our dining room has to wait on baseboards while I wait to find the route I wanna go as far as having shiplap walls.. Do I want an accent wall or ship lap wrapped around the whole room.. So many unfinished projects going on all at once, but I am not complaining! I am just so thankful to have a husband and best friend who wants to do this together!

There’s so much work to be done! So, later this week I’ll do my best to share progress we have made and details on what we’ve been up to. But if you want real time updates and what’s going on at the Almafied Home, be sure to follow along on Instagram @almafied where I also enjoy using the new IG Stories where you can see small clips live!

Anyway, thanks for coming by and sticking with me even through the lack of posts over the past few months. Looking forward to sharing all the craziness going on here and the journey to making this 70’s home our own! See you right here in the next few days!

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