Saying hello to Spring 2017 in the dining room –

Saying hello to Spring 2017 in the dining room

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Hey friends! Oh boy am I ready than ever to welcome Spring. Who’s with me? It is just right around the corner and today is about an everyday Spring day in the dining room. Notice anything different?

If you guessed lighting?? Finally changed it! Do you love? I sure do!

My idea of welcoming Spring is pulling from nature. Being in California, lots of greenery is everywhere and tons of inspiration from the parks, the beautiful beaches to the gorgeous hikes. There is no better artist than the Creator Himself who gives us these beautiful blooms and awesome views we see in the Spring time.

I am personally embracing natural elements: greenery, basket weaves, white and wood. Keeping it fresh,airy, and welcoming in here which is my absolute favorite feeling to give every space!

So the first thing I changed in here to get ready for Spring was I gave the dining table a quick spin, now parallel with the window. It wasn’t necessary but I feel that a quick way to make a room feel new is to change the layout a little and I am enjoying it like this. Here’s a quick example of the previous layout which is pretty much how it stayed during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here’s the view from the same spot now. I loved the previous layout, but, change is nice.

We moved the buffet table to go below the window and brought in the shelf from the den. Shopping the house is a must for me when making changes and is a must before I go out to find what I need for a refresh in my space. That way, we spend less if at all and don’t end up with more unnecessary junk!

The lighting was just added specifically for this season. I have been planning on replacing the light fixture that was here since we moved in and finally found one. I love it cause it was under $60 with a coupon and would fit in every room in the house if I decide to move it around. But, I especially love it in here with the shiplap wall as the backdrop.

When a room is a neutral space, I like to embrace textures a little more! And that basket weave pendant is the perfect touch that gives that California vibe I’ve been embracing!

Other than that, I brought in a couple of plants from another room and picked up that bird of paradise plant specifically for this room. It is really adding more interest to the space and I can’t get enough of it.

Don’t you think those 2 purchases (the light fixture and the bird of paradise plant) just made this space Spring ready?! I sure do. Just 2 purchases, changing the layout and a little shopping the house totally transformed this dining room! Looking forward to breaking bread and enjoying hanging out right here with the family this Spring!

So what do you think of the “new” space? You can see our Spring entryway last year which was a favorite Spring share right here.

Well, I have some Spring details to layer in but you will see that soon on a little Spring tour to come. Be sure to subscribe down below so you don’t miss the tour. It’s gonna be fun y’all! For now, I leave you with an everyday Spring dining room and what little changes can do to a space! Hope this get’s us all in the mood to enjoy Spring and even do a little decorating to welcome the new season! Woo hoo!


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    Looks great Alma! I love this video and the shelves video, you’re so talented!

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    Love your Spring touches girlfriend! ??

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      Thanks so much CC, that really means a lot! And thanks for stopping by! You’re the best!

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