something new to the ikea hacked sideboard + 10 simple ways to add farmhouse styling to your decor –

something new to the ikea hacked sideboard + 10 simple ways to add farmhouse styling to your decor

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Hi y’all, I feel like I’ve been saying this all summer, but sorry that I have been a little m.i.a. Life is busy and summer is even busier! But no complaints on my end, we’re just busy making memories over here! Well, I really hope you have been making the most of your summer! My kids won’t stop growing, I guess that’s a thing with kids, they just don’t stop! But it’s hitting me hard this summer as my second born is going to school this coming school year and it’s breaking my heart a little. More reason to really embrace this time and just spend a little extra time with my kids!! Anyway, during the kid’s nap I added a little something to the side board, and I think adding little personal touches to basic furniture really makes all the difference. Check it out!




I don’t know if you guys remember the post on the side board ikea hack I blogged about here, but I mentioned how it would eventually need some reinforcements if I planned on moving it around. Well, I never really plan to move things around and yet I seem to do that a lot, don’t I? Well, if you follow me on instagram, I shared a pic of this under our chalk board and I loved it there. It stayed there for about a month or less. But, in the end I just really missed it being over here so I moved it back. And when I did, I was reminded that I had these metal pieces that have been waiting to be put on. Not just for reinforcement but to add interest to this piece.

As you know, this is a pretty basic piece of furniture with simple lines. Which I love about it because I like to decorate in layers and I think my style of decorating pairs well with simple lines in furniture. Like, for me, if a piece of furniture has lots of curves and things, it would force me to lay back on the layering because it would be a little over the top. don’t get me wrong, furniture with curves and interesting detail is awesome too, I just am drawn to this. When using simple lines, it really gives room to do fun things around it! Or in this case, on top of it. I think I’m the same with my clothes. I like things to be balanced. If my top has a lot of pattern, my shoes will generally be a simple shoe. The exception is when I workout. It’s to only time I can go crazy and have a little fun!


I added the brackets to all four corners front and back. Now it’s as sturdy as can be and looks great! These brackets were a basic semi shiny silver metal, so to give them character, I had them sit in 1 part bleach and 1 part vinegar over night. I didn’t originally intend to leave it out that long, but I forgot about it.. Typical Alma of me! But it turned out great. In its rusted goodness! Love it! I have been thinking of painting the side board but you know me… Projects take a while to get started on over here.


Anyway, here are 10 simple ways I add touches to this area to give it a farmhouse feel, which although I don’t think I aimed for the farmhouse feel initially, so even if you like a very easy-going, cozy, and chill space, these are some ways I think our home accomplishes that:
– keep it relaxed, nothing too fancy
– use fabric curtains
– a mix of glass, whites, dishes, wood, rust and distress
– mix old with new: here I have an antique crate mixed with chrome baskets on the bottom shelf. And though the baskets are chrome giving it a modern chic feel, it’s shape has a laid back vibe.
– ticking stripes
– natural elements like a jute rug and greenery
– mix of chairs (even if I only use 2 different styles)
– dishes on a shelf rather than tucked away really adds to the farmhouse feel
– embrace imperfection. a beat up table or dishes not perfectly stacked
– layering your decor

These are just a few ways you can give your home a farmhouse feel. My home isn’t limited to farmhouse styling, but I’m drawn to it because I have an easy-going style. Hope you enjoyed this and somehow were inspired to maybe tackle that simple project that might make all the difference to your space!


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    I love your style! I love the farmhouse vibe. I just stumbled on your blog and love it. I really like your wine glasses on the bottom shelf. I will definitely subscribe. May I ask where you purchased the coffee, tea and cream set?

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      HI Kay, you are so sweet! thank you! Glad you stumbled here 😉 I got the set from Homegoods/Marshalls/Tjmaxx. They all are separate pieces. They are from the Rae Dunn line for Magenta. Hope this helps!

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