Stumbled on these 2 quotes on IG and Loved it! –

Stumbled on these 2 quotes on IG and Loved it!


Ugh, yes yes… A lesson I am still learning coming into the year 2015. “Buy less, choose well.” I don’t really do “new years resolutions”, I just don’t ever really stick to them. But I do tend to make lists of things I need to work on in my own life, and its something that happens through out the year that will probably go on til I die. We got issues, don’t we? Lol. But, seriously, looking back on all the purchases I’ve made in 2014 alone, and thinking of all the things I got rid of within the same year.. Yeah, that doesn’t sit well with me and it definitely doesn’t make Mr. J happy either. A cluttered life isn’t a happy life. For me, anyway. No judgements if you enjoy that life. I’m just not about that life.. Well, my closet would disagree with me, but look out closet, you’re next on my decluttering list..



















Now, this totally spoke to me! Thank you Marc Jacobs for reiterating what I already feel! So the next time your friend’s baby puts a few dents banging their toys on the wooden coffee table.. Do what I did.. Tell your husband with a smile “look honey.. He’s so good at distressing the furniture.” True story. Well, in other news, looks like I need to own something Marc Jacobs now. Haha.. Happy Monday!

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