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Back to school bedroom makeover: A big girl bedroom reveal

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I have been away from here most of summer trying to soak up every minute of summer break. This homeschooling mama needed the break so bad. I'm pretty sure we all needed it! I still can't believe it's back to school next week for us. But while summer is still here, I thought it was time to finally finish up our big girl's bedroom just in time for kindergarten. In…

The nursery turned guest bedroom: 3 easy tips to a successful summer ready guest bedroom

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Hey friends, it's officially summer and we're kicking off this summer heat with a summer blog hop with 12 of my blogger friends. We each are sharing an area we've styled for summer whether it be our patios, living spaces, our bedrooms or even our yummy dishes ;) If you just came from Caitlin's blog over at This Rustic Cottage, welcome! Glad you made it here! So, who's going to…

Our preteen’s bedroom

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I know I haven't shared the kid's bedrooms here on the blog. Mainly because I haven't really gotten around to decorating their rooms but decided now is better than never! And how I came to that conclusion was it's spring break and the room isn't going to get much cleaner than this =P #truestory! But also, other than helping my son put things on the walls, he had a lot…

Our Ikea Hacked Tarva dressers turned bedside tables + a little paint fail

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Hey there, are you ready for another Ikea hack? Well, I actually worked on these about 4 months ago, but I never actually shared about it til now. Mainly because I'm still unsettled on our whole bedroom layout, still debating on changing our wall color, and even debating on repainting the dressers with chalk paint and what color. Haha! Gosh, I sound annoying reading this back to myself.. Like, come…