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Modern + Natural Family Room Update: Overview of progress

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Hey guys, we are officially at the halfway mark of the family room update! And I just realized I never gave this project a name.. let's call this update The Natural + Easy Living Modern family room. I think this sums up the theme of this little home of ours so yeah, let's go with that! Today I wanted to share not only what we accomplished in the past week…

Family Room Update: The Fireplace

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Wow time is flying and here we are in week 2, where it's all about our fireplace and though it's not completely done, we are almost there! Last week I shared how the room looked like before we moved and the temporary fix. Here's what we planned out for the fireplace/tv wall: (This post may contain affiliate links) Well we started working on this wall a little before the ORC…

Family Room Update: One Room Challenge Fall 2017

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Wow, is it really time for another round of the One Room Challenge?! I can't believe it's already that time again! I feel like it was just yesterday when we worked on the breakfast nook in the spring. Well I am so so excited to be here again to share another room we really wanted to finish up. We chose to work on our family room because this room is…

One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (week 5)

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You guys, we are at week 5! I can't believe how fast these weeks have gone by! Between juggling a husband being home on vacation (who is now at a new job), homeschooling 3 kids, nursing a 6 month old and working on a few other projects while this was going on has proven itself challenging. And probably explains the cold and sore throat I had (I never get sick)…

One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (week four)

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Here we are in week 4 of the ORC and I have to say, this past week might not look like much but I am so excited for how it's all coming together. So, we finished painting the ceiling that we corrected (removing the part of the ceiling that dropped down in the kitchen about 6-7 inches. I mentioned it last week but excited that it's all painted and ready…

One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (week 3)

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Hey guys, are you as shocked as I am that we're already on week 3. nail-biting in full effect. Not literally of course but eek.. it's the half way mark! But where do I start with the set backs this week. Oh my goodness.. But wait, if you're new here, catch up with week one and week two. ... Okay, all caught up?! Great, let's continue! Well this was going…