Things we’ve had to say bye to this past week in this decluttering process –

Things we’ve had to say bye to this past week in this decluttering process


So, if you’ve read my post on the latest “inspire me mondaze” you might have an idea that I’m trying to declutter my home one room at a time.. Some days a little from here and there, depending on how scatterbrained I am that day. Well just this past week, we actually sold 3 things that actually all hurt me just a teensie bit.. Okay, maybe a lot. But, I know, part of having a decluttered life, is letting things go that might in the long run help the home and the space function better. I mean, that’s the goal, right? A better life.. Then why am I still sad. Jk, in a way, it’s freeing to know that ‘things’ don’t control me and really the most important things in life are the people; my kids are well, my husband is happy and I’m still sane.. Haha. (Yes I laugh at myself. Live a little!)



The first thing that hurt a little to sell was our swing set, that my kids thoroughly enjoyed playing with. But, daddy is on a quest (more like an ever so slow quest) to get this back yard together so if we can look pass the jungle of a yard, we can see where my kids like to play. So daddy gave them a choice to keep this or the trampoline. The trampoline won this time. But, its been a few days now and I can see the light once we get things moving back there and it looks less like a jungle.



So this was my baby girls dresser when she had her own nursery. I’ll have to share that with you some time. She now shares a room with her twin bro (though 19 months apart) so that our soon to be teen son can have his own room for a while. There was no convincing Mr. J that I could transform this to look less feminine. So away it went.


This was my oldest boys loft bed. Don’t mind my 4 year just doing a little reading when he was actually supposed to be taking a nap. Anyway, it was once really tall, but we cut it down. He’s had this for a while and about a month ago he asked if he could have a normal bed that was bigger. Ugh.. my heart hurts.. Teen years are too close for comfort and I’m not ready. This was just given away to a family and he now has a full size bed that I will be sharing with you soon.

Last, but certainly not least, is our industrial stools. I actually didn’t purchase these that long ago. I actually bought these to pair really nicely with the industrial styled pendant lighting over our island. Alas, I wasn’t really satisfied with the lights that was also fairly new, so I was still able to return those and ended up selling these on craigslist and came out even so that was nice. Wasn’t sure I would be able to, but it’s interesting how sold out chairs could really come to your benefit.

These are just a few items we’ve sold in this decluttering process. There is much more to go and I’m surprisingly enjoying the process. Is anyone else doing a little decluttering also? If so, let me know how you’ve been doing with it! Happy decluttering!



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    Awe, I felt bad seeing the swing set go as the kids are still young but I guess you can take them to the park which will be a novelty for them.
    Can’t believe Warren is growing up so fast. He must like having his own room. Love your blog, Alma! Thanks for sharing your talent and your heart.

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      Yeah, I know right? thats why i was sad to lose the swing set too. but yeah, it’s ok. we are right next to the park. and yes warren is getting so big. they all are! thanks mom! glad you like it

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