Thoughts on the Ikea Stockholm Spring 2017 line + a few other new Ikea finds –

Thoughts on the Ikea Stockholm Spring 2017 line + a few other new Ikea finds

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If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you already know I got my hands on a couple new Stockholms items from their Spring line. I literally posted a pic as soon as I put one of the pieces together.

Pretty obvious how excited I was right?! I’ve been waiting for these to arrive since February so you can only imagine how I felt when they told me the two pieces I wanted were available at my store?

Well the two pieces I got was their cabinet and the “coffee table” that can also be used as a bench which is how we are currently using it.

These are made of rattan and wood and seem to be an unfinished raw wood. On Ikea’s website, it’s described to age gracefully. I like that idea!

The cabinet has gold handles which I really love and the size of the cabinet is perfect for our living room. It’s not too small and not too big.

Here are the pros:

  • they are well made and super easy to put together.
  • they add that perfect touch of natural texture to our space.
  • they are not super heavy yet still sturdy at the same time
  • they are deep enough to fit baskets and pillows which I really appreciate
  • I love that I can use the coffee table two ways: bench or coffee table. multifunctional pieces have a special place in my heart!
  • they can complement many styles and totally complement our space well!

Here are the cons:

  • they do have rattan so the weaving isn’t going to be perfect (which doesn’t bother me at all)
  • you gotta be easy on these pieces because, well the weaving can get undone if you’re too rough with it
  • which can be a problem if you’re using the coffee table as a bench. But because it’s not too steep in price, I don’t think it’s anything I’ll be stressing about
  • you do have to build these pieces, like most (all) ikea furniture, and if you’re not into this, then you probably shouldn’t shop at Ikea at all, LOL. Honestly, I built both pieces my self (as well as many other pieces in our home) and difficulty level is totally simple!

My final thoughts: For me, the pros outweigh the cons and even the cons has more to do with using rattan in general so if you’re familiar with rattan like me, it’s no surprise. 

Also, the cabinet was a splurge and I did have to save up to get this and I am so glad I did because they are unique and adds interest to this space! 

Some other new items I picked up and love:

this basket from the new Jassa line which is a limited edition.

these cute little storage baskets called Plumsa were also a fun find.

I have yet to see the whole Stockholm Spring 2017 line but so far I am loving these 2 pieces.

Have you seen this new line in store? If so, did you love or hate it? Did any of you buy anything from this line? Would love to know if there are other items you have your eye on! I’m curious about their accent chair. It’s cute online but I have yet to see it in person.

Lastly, here’s a peak of the rug from Nuloom that will be in our breakfast nook for the One Room Challenge. It made its way here to flatten and I kinda loved it so it stayed a little longer. Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing the progress in our challenge this Thursday. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the post and the updated living room.


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    Kim O.

    Love the pieces wouldnyou be kind enough to share where you got that pillow with leaves on it…love it!

    1. Reply

      yes of course! it’s from H&M

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    Delia Hauser

    I was going to buy that Ikea table/bench for a client but it says the max load is 22lb….that seems crazy to me…so does it feel stronger than that in real life? I know they have to be super safe but we definitely want to use it at the end of a bed as a bench. Thanks!

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    Jennifer Levy

    The cabinet seems to be sold out everywhere! I can’t find it. You mentioned somebody emailed you to let you know it was available? How can I get the same notification? I assume they are making more since its still showing on their website.


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    I am looking to purchase the cabinet as well! I cant find it and their site seems to not be replenishing their stock.

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