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Our DIY chalkboard door + Using a little chalk and little kids to decorate on Valentines Day

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       Hello again. So Valentines Day is approaching and I have been really slacking off on making something for the hubby and kiddos. Generally every Valentines Day I make Mr. J a Photo book of the past year of memories we shared together and some of his favorite candy, like Rolos. They are not my fave personally; I hate the feeling of candy getting stuck on my teeth as I chew, especially caramel. I cringe at the thought.

IMG_6616 copy       Anyway, we have an old cabinet (well 2 that are side by side) that recently found its home here at the top of the stairs. More on this in another post. So I was thinking of using this chalk board as a message board. But, since it was almost Valentines Day, I decided to have a little fun with it and hey, it adds a little Valentine fun upstairs.

IMG_6615 copy

     I asked the family what their reasons to love were. My two youngest might have not made much sense, but totally made perfect sense to me. Funny enough they did say similar answers, even though they didn’t hear what each other said. I’d like to think of them as my little twins, though in reality 19 months apart. I also had my oldest son share what were some ways to show love. This makes me smile when I run up the stairs as I read tid bits of it every time.

IMG_6621 copy

    I hope this can encourage you all to enjoy your home and just have fun decorating with the things you already have! And get your little ones involoved, even if it’s as simple as writing down their thoughts on a chalkboard. My little ones like to point at their phrases, which is probably why there’s a lot of smearing! Ha.. I love it! Hope you all are enjoying your Valentines Week!

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