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easy + affordable wood sign and wall art DIY

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Who’s ready for a super easy and fun DIY that can be done in an hour. Maybe even less if you’re not so easily distracted like me. I think this would be something great to make for your own home or even a sweet and thoughtful gift for your mom this mother’s day or even a wedding gift as wedding season is just around the corner! Let me tell you, this piece looks nothing like a quick DIY (but it really is)!

Well, my friends over at Jibe Prints sent me 2 cool prints but today I was able to work on 1. I will be framing the other one soon using the same process, but was so excited with how this turned out, I had to share it with you guys right away.

I have to say these prints are such great quality. I was able to customize this print to say a passage of the bible I wanted on my walls. They also have some pretty cool designs to choose from. The paper quality was so great to work with on this DIY. I was worried the print might get ugly with the Mod Podge but I didn’t face any problems and everything stayed in tact! I appreciate the awesome quality!

So, here are the materials I used for my wood sign:

  • a 2′ wide x 4′ long thin wood board
  • 2 pieces of 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 5′ long for the frame
  • mod podge
  • a Jibe Print but you can use what you want as long as it’s not thin paper that may fall apart

tools used:

  • jig saw
  • nail gun
  • a cheap paint brush
  • little piece of sand paper
  • measuring tape
  • right angle square

First you wanna cut the wood board a little smaller  than or equal to the print that you are going to lay and glue onto the board just enough that the print overlaps the board a tiny bit. If your board’s already perfect, you can skip this step.

Next, you pour your mod modge onto a plate. Make sure your print is laying on the board and alined properly with the board. Starting at the top, lift the print so you can paint across the first 1/4 of the board and lay the print back down, carefully rubbing it just with your hands, flattening it and making sure it all sticks smoothly.

It kinda felt like school crafting back in grade school, gluing it down. Btw, Mod podge is pretty forgiving so if you notice it’s crooked or see an error, gently fix it then keep smoothening the print til it’s nice and flat.

Continue to apply the mod podge, now lifting from the bottom end, painting another 1/4 and keep repeating til it’s all glued on.

Then, you wanna measure your board and build the frame to lay on top of your board, but you want the frame to overlap the board, making sure it’s still able to lay on top of the board.

The 2 pieces of the frame that are going to be the “width” pieces are the same size and same with the 2 “length” pieces. I also labeled them in the back “width” or “length” so I didn’t get them confused.

Then, I made 2 L’s using one length piece and 1 width piece. To connect them, I used a right angle as a guide to make the angles 90 degrees, and used a staple gun to connect the 2 on the back. Then I used a nail gun to ensure it stayed in place. If you look closely, you can see the little nail on the corner below.

Notice below, that the “L” of the frame of the bottom right corner has the “length” piece (the longer side) as the very corner piece. and the backwards “L” on the top left corner has the “length piece reach the very corner also.

It’s really important to note this when building your frame so you end up with an even frame! If all is good, you can connect the 2 “L’s” together.



Finally, I used shorter nails to nail the wood board onto the frame on the back. I did 4 nails on all 4 sides.

I used a sawtooth ring hanger that I had lying around in our tool box, but you can use any hanger style you prefer.

And voila, your  wood sign DIY is ready to be hung.

For this project, I bought the wood which was all under $15. The print was sent over to me from Jibes Prints and everything else I had on hand. Not bad for a project I know I’ll be enjoying in our home and be encouraged by every time I read it!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope today’s post got you excited to do a quick DIY this spring!


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    Wow! You’ve done such a great job framing it and I can’t believe how great it looks in the room. It completes such a beautiful, bright and fresh space 🙂 I am definitely taking notes on this process as I’m working on my own gallery wall. Thank you!!!

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      Thanks Anna! I didn’t think I could love this print more! Everyone loves it! So glad you like it!

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    This turned out so well! I just love it!

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      Thanks Jessica!! It seriously is one of my favorite DIY’s and maybe partly cause it was one of the easiest ?

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    This is beautiful! And wonderful choice of scripture. I have one question to clarify: did you use the Mod Podge *under* the paper/print or *over* it? And did you cover the entire front or back to secure it to the board? Thanks! Planning to make one similar for us! 🙂

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