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A mommy to 3, a wife to one, and a daughter to the King!

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Hi guys, so as you might already know, I am a mommy to 3 super cuddly kiddos. (Which here you’ll see like to rock out from time to time. Hehe.) Majority of my day consists of caring for them, teaching, cleaning, feeding, making sure they know what love is by simply loving on them, and so on. Ya know, I don’t know about you, but as a mom, some days seem so tedious, overwhelming, sometimes a blur, and sometimes the day goes by in the blink of an eye and I think, Lord what did I even accomplish today for you? My number one goal as their mom is to show them what my purpose is in life, and that’s to give God the glory and honor in every aspect of life and to share this with those around me starting with them; with the hope that they too one day will also live a life for Him. So even when I feel I haven’t accomplished much, I remember what my goal is. And if I showed them love today, shown them forgiveness, asked for forgiveness, fed them, shared Christ through word and deed.. Well then, hey the laundry might not have been put away yet or the closet might see another day of disorder, but you know what, I accomplished my goal for the day! Christ is in me and I gotta share that with them!  I may fail at times, none the less, this is still and will always be my ultimate goal as their mommy.


I’m also a wife. Having a husband that I’m called to support isn’t always easy but who am I kidding, I love being Mr. J’s wife. I gotta remember that the next time I complain about something he does that irritates me. Sometimes, Alma, you really need to just chill.. Haha. That really is a line I hear from my kids often, including my 3 year old- “chill, mommy, chill”. But really, doesn’t it sometimes feel too much to support our husbands? Especially if you have a husband with a very busy schedule. My husband’s schedule is always changing. He has a job with different deadlines. And when the deadlines come, he’s pressed for time, he’s overwhelemed, tired and work very long hours. It’s in those times that I clearly see the importance of supporting him. And interestingly enough, I receive the blessing as much as I see it a blessing to him. God is so beyond wise and it’s so clear that as I fulfill what I was made for, do the blessings come. I guess you can tell, if you haven’t already, I’m far from a perfect wife that sometimes doesn’t feel like being supportive. And oh boy, it’s in those very times that I feel sad, lost, and far from blessed. So thankful, though, to have God’s word that I can go to, especially in times like these. To get me back to where I need to be, and that’s at His feet, submitting to His authority and once again seeing the blessings in doing so.


So, I’m also a daughter to the one true King, Jesus Christ who reigns in my heart, and even when I don’t enthrone Him, and get distracted with other things in this life, He remains the same; still the King, still my Father and always faithful. It blows my mind to have a place at His table. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about the love He has for me. This love that He offers to all who would believe on His name, would too have everlasting life and an unending love! So my days, my life as a mom and my life as a wife, it all rests on the foundation of being a child of God. Without Him, I could not have the hope I have when I don’t feel like the greatest mom and wife, I wouldn’t have the strength to face some not so beautiful days and I wouldn’t be here today sharing my passion on this blog.


I’m hoping that through this blog, this would be a place that people are inspired to make a house a home and a beautiful one at that, take care of ourselves and strive for beauty inside and out, embrace our roles whether we be single, a mom, a wife, and so on.. I hope that in each post I share, there would be a sense of love experienced that comes from a heart that is deeply in love with my savior Jesus Christ. The one who is my inspiration to even share. The beauty that surrounds me in this life that I appreciate and enjoy, it’s but a glimpse, a foretaste, an image of the most beautiful- a God, who became a man, who lived a perfect life, who died the cruelest most undeserving death in my place, who conquered death and now reigns on high- Jesus Christ; He’s the most beautiful. This is a blog on things I find beautiful, which include the life he’s given me as a wife, a mom and His child. No, this blog isn’t a spiritual one. But it does come from someone who is motivated by God’s love. I hope these things become apparent through the sharing of my hobbies and interests that I share here with you!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it! Hope in some way, you were encouraged today and were also an encouragement to someone else! Have an awesome weekend friends!


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    sharon wiseman

    I just ‘found’ your blog, so of course I am post-bingeing! I came across this one and my heart jumped for joy…yay a believer! Thank you for sharing your faith and the ups and downs of trying to live out your faith. It is all about bringing Him glory, and daily, sometimes hourly, I need reminded of that. Thank you for this post…even if I am a little late to the party!

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