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A Thanksgiving table scape


Wow guys, is Thanksgiving really in exactly 2 weeks?! Already? Are you feeling the same way? And I don’t know why I even get shocked anymore at how fast it comes. It’s like, right after celebrating Halloween; Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all seem to come in one big swoop. With no room to even take a breather in between! But I have to say, the tail end of the year is always my favorite time of the year hands down! Well I am just popping in today to share a simple, affordable, anybody can throw this together, Thanksgiving table scape.
Here’s a table scape I literally threw together when running through ideas of what to do for a dinner I had to decorate for at our bible study group’s Thanksgiving dinner (which happened last night). I did end up using this table scape, but ended up having to spread it out a little more with an added table cloth made from painters drop cloth and making it more narrow since we went with one long row of 3 rectangle tables put together to be 1 long table that was able to seat 20 people. I think stretching it out still worked and it still achieved a homey and festive look.
The scale of this table scape is more for a regular sized rectangular table. We did recently make our dining table a lot smaller (you can view that here if you’d like) in width so it definitely would be too oversized for our table but would work for most.
My favorite thing about this table was that everything used was by simply shopping around the house. With a little creativity, we can all make a cute table for dinner with family and friends. I think it’s a nice touch to add interest to the eye where people will be sitting. It just shows the thought and care in putting something together and shows your guests they’re special=). It can be a start-up to conversation if you’re sitting with people who are new to you. It’s appealing to the visual senses and can make the space more inviting, comfortable and festive. Isn’t decorating so fun?!
When putting this table scape together, I wanted to give it layers reflecting a warm and inviting feeling. I used an oversized scarf with a plaid print to group everything. And used boxwood greenery in burlap bases, some faux succulents, old vintage books, some persimmons and pumpkins, and 2 glass vases with some wheat lookalikes to fill it. I chose glass so it wouldn’t take up too much visual space and to add a new texture in the mix. Not sure what those wheat looking weeds are really called but when I was out with friends, we picked these wild weeds on a hike to the beach. They just scream warm, cozy and fall to me so it worked. And I just enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving color palette here cause I knew that everyone would relate to this template and it would feel familiar, like home. I think these elements helped accomplish the goal.
So, what’s your plans for Thanksgiving this year? Are you hosting or visiting family? If you are hosting and maybe you’re not one who likes to decorate or just don’t know where to start, I totally understand and maybe can encourage you to just start with what you have. Do you have a rose-bush? If so, make a simple arrangement with a few pumpkins. Or maybe you have a wreath lying around? Make a centerpiece with a wreath with a candle in the middle. Find something you want to display and build around it! And remember, the idea behind setting up your table is that others would be blessed by it. Not so you would be discouraged in the process, so just have fun with it! Enjoy decorating and getting creative! And enjoy quality time with your loved ones! XX


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    Modish and Main

    As usual, this is such a gorgeous tablescape!I love love love everything about this. I’m featuring this today on the blog as a definite “Best of” this week! Hope you have a great weekend.

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      Hey Kristen! Thanks for sharing! You’re the best! And it was sweet to open up my blog after being down for ever to your comments?

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