Botanical inspired gallery wall + space –

Botanical inspired gallery wall + space

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Hey friends, hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend with loved ones! Sometimes we can take weekends for granted, can’t we?! I know sometimes I see weekends as a right and not a blessing. But one thing I’ve learned from having my husband work through weekends the past month or so, is that I have been taking his days off for granted and haven’t truly thanked the Lord for the blessing of having a husband who He’s given a job to provide for his family, and for the weekends that he has off to spend quality time together! This was his first weekend off since this major project at his work ended, and it was a sweet time together! Of course since it was his first in a while, there were a few things in the house that has been put on hold that he was finally able to get to. While he was doing some of those things, I finally got to put up this simple botanical gallery on a wall that used to have our couch. Which of course, I couldn’t wait and shared it on instagram right when I put it up.

So what do you think of the gallery wall? I think these are always a fun idea for blank walls, to define a space, for spaces that need some type of excitement, for areas that need a little cheering up without taking away needed floor space.. I could go on but I wanted to place a gallery here because this wall is particularly tall, and this just makes the wall a little less cold and a lot more inviting. I really hope I’m making sense!!

I love these frames from Ikea in the Ribba line. They have a modern look to them but I think they fit in perfectly with a lot of different styles and homes. They have very clean lines, they’re classy and so affordable and yet they don’t look cheap! These botanical prints were purchased at Target in a book called Botanical Prints. Love the book and it was so affordable with over about 50 prints inside ready to be displayed!

Below is our dresser turned side table and I blogged about it here. This area still functions the same as where this used to sit, it just moved a few feet from where it originally was. I actually want a desk to sit in this space and have eyes on a desk on Craigslist, but waiting to see if I’ll be able to take it home! Although I’ve been begging Mr. J to just keep the computer upstairs, I’m seeing more now that it would just be easier for everyone if it were down here. So, hoping to find the right desk!
Hope you enjoyed this little gallery and space as much as I do. It’s so simple and such an easy and affordable change, but gives a nice touch to the room! You can also put family pics instead to make it more personal.. But I really wanted to display my botanical prints! Anyway, I’d love to hear from y’all even if you hate it! :p Well maybe not hate.. Haha!! But I hope this can inspire you to at least get that project that has been sitting in the corner for months done this week! LOL! Thanks for stopping by lovelies! Have a great day! XX


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    Do you have more info about the table here somewhere on your blog? Love it.

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