Family room update: the coffee bar –

Family room update: the coffee bar

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We finally put up shelves!! Sometimes it takes forever to do the simplest projects, doesn’t it?!

But first, do you remember our first coffee bar at the last house? If not, let me remind you!

We’ve had our mug rack since our last house and it’s still going strong. You guys ask about this item often and can find it here.

Or how about the first time we shared this coffee bar just about a short year ago? (Side note: that little fiddle is now about 7+ ft tall. CRAZY!)

Not sure why it took us this long to put up shelves, but we finally did it. Just FYI though, we do have plans of tearing this all down eventually to make room for the laundry room which is directly behind this wall. But because we use this little nook a lot, I felt it was worth still adding the shelves even if it’s just for now.

(You can shop this post at the bottom of the page. Some affiliate links are included)

The brackets and the wood pieces were both purchased at Home Depot. We chose these brackets which were $11.97 ea. and the wood is pine and came from 1 piece cut in half and was $16. It was the most cost-effective choice for us and the brackets will still be used down the line when if and when we have to remove this little nook.

Just like I shared about the lights we are waiting for on our tv wall, well the same wall sconce will be going here. But to keep it cohesive in here, and because I still had one more of this wall sconce that’s currently on our tv wall, I switched out the last light with this one. Even though this is a temporary light, I love love this one and loved the price of them!

I really wanted to sand down the wood planks down to get it a bit smoother because I didn’t get to it the first time around as well as I would have liked (I have my big ol pregnancy belly to thank for that) and repaint it, but we have been so busy this past weekend celebrating our son’s 14th birthday so I just had to skip that step for now.

See that little machine next to our Keurig? It’s our new espresso maker and I just love not only how cute and mini it is, but the goodness that comes out of this thing! I bought it here on sale for $50 off and so far it’s been worth every penny!

The new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia just came out at Target so I thought it would be perfect to use some of the items to style our coffee bar.  The rest was items we already had on hand and things we grab for regularly in here.

We brought this desk back out here recently and seeing if it will work but I won’t know for sure until we get our rug in here. But this desk is a loved piece and is currently on sale and with code “furnsale” here with free shipping but today’s the last day so hurry!

You can shop my favorite items seen on this post here, just click the picture:




Items from Hearth and Hand:


That’s it for today. A simple coffee bar update with just adding shelves and swapping out the wall sconce!! From here, it’s just finding a few more pieces to finish up this room and on to final decorating for the finale! Check out how far others who have joined in the One Room Challenge have gotten here.







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    Tana - Your Marketing BFF

    I love the new shelf Alma! And a dedicated coffee bar simply makes my soul sing!!!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Tana! Totally agree, coffee bars make my heart happy 💕

  2. Reply

    Oh my goodness, so much charm in that coffee bar. I have been eyeing those same brackets for our own home – they’re so classic!

    1. Reply

      Oh I’m so glad you like the coffee bar! And I’m totally with you on the brackets, they definitely have that classic look!

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    Alma! These shelves are so cute! I love how you styled them!

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