Kitchen progress at the almafied ranch reno –

Kitchen progress at the almafied ranch reno

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You guys, have I been lagging on showing you the kitchen progress or what?! Can I be totally honest with you right now? Truthfully, it really makes me cringe a little sharing a half done project with you all. Especially since it’s already been 7 months since we first started on the kitchen but it’s come to a halt because we had to wait on my dad who is helping us with the electrical in here and also for the funds to complete the rest.

Just a quick background of the project: we were on a tight budget and everything was done by the hubby and I (with the exception of the counter install which we had the company we bought the counters from come and install because it was totally worth the extra money). We have never did a kitchen remodel by ourselves.

At our last house, my husband did assist my uncle, who is a contractor, in renovating the kitchen but doing it all by ourselves was challenging but so much more rewarding! Laying the backsplash on with a big ol belly (being in my third trimester) was unforgettable! There were a lot of laughs.. a few “oopsies” but a lot more love! Mainly me telling my hubby I love him so much for being willing to do all this extra work for me! As fun as it was, I am so thankful the hardest part is over and I have a stove to cook at and a hubby that doesn’t have to worry about that part of the remodel anymore!

The best part was seeing my dad’s eyes light up when he first saw the completion of this phase. He’s the handy man in our family and he was so proud of us (mainly my husband) and maybe a little shocked that we did it! We actually did it without bothering him. Haha! I remember his words.. “Wow.. Jason is good!” I love my dad! He’s the best! Making him proud isn’t an easy task y’all.. especially when it comes to things like this! But he was proud and I smile even now thinking about it!

Whew, ok.. well enough talking and here’s some progress pics.

Here’s a before and after shot, side by side, from the dining room..

Notice the dramatic change when we removed that awkward door and pocket door.. and I mean, what a difference with the new flooring right?!


See that super gross yellowish wall.. I feel like that was the original paint from the 70’s.. Maybe I’m wrong but yikes!


Side by sides are always fun!

Here’s just a few more befores:








Here’s a little of the cabinets going up:


Then the counters were installed:


Then the backsplash and I know that red is scary:





Finally, the kitchen today:

Is that big ol old school kitchen lighting cramping my style?? A tad…but I just don’t look up and I’m good.. Hahaha

Seriously tho, I cannot wait to rip that out!





So what’s next?

Well, we still have to install lights and add a built-in island. The downside is when doing it all yourself, time is always an issue. There are just not enough hours in a day and taking the time off from work for the hubby is just not an option.. Also, we are saving up to make the rest of the purchases. Hence why taking time off is not an option; ) If any of you have an awesome discount on counters, cabinets and lighting, hook a sister up, please ;P LOL.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed today’s post! I can give a more detailed and sourced post if you guys are interested! Let me know. One thing I can say is this project has been challenging, fun and we definitely had to search for good deals and choose wisely! It’s amazing all the choices I had to make along the way that I didn’t even think about prior to starting! So much I’ve learned along the way and so much more to learn! You home DIYers can relate, right?!

Thanks so much for being here!! I truly appreciate you guys❤️


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    Such a gorgeous kitchen, I just smile every time I see it. Wishing you all the best with the rest. Cheers to our hubby’s xx

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      Aww thank you so much, I do too!!

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    Jen @ Migonis Home

    Alma! This is soooo gorgeous! I love what you’ve done! We completely DIYed our last kitchen! Great work to your hubby, and you of course!

    1. Reply

      You’re the sweetest Jen!! So thankful for your encouraging words, DIY’s are not for the faint of heart? and I love your kitchens!

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    Uau !!!
    Such a beautifull kitchen , you sure did a very good job.
    You both are very good ,congratulations i am in love with your kitchen 😉

    1. Reply

      Thank you So much! I’m so glad you like the kitchen!

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    Carrie Anne Salkeld

    I love your new kitchen and think we’re so lucky for husband’s to attack the impossible! What material is your countertop and was that from ikea as well?
    P.S. Congratulations on your new addition. You have a beautiful family!

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      Yes they’re awesome! The countertops are carrara marble and it was from a local store. Thank you on our baby, she is the sweetest!

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    Alma, y’all should be over the moon with y’all’s progress and how beautiful the space looks now. I had little to do with my own renovation, other than designing it, and it took almost a year to get it all done. Crazy, so never feel bad about the timing of creating your own beautiful space. Can’t wait to see more of the renovations going on in the future!

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      Iris, that was the sweetest comment I could ever receive! It really is hard sometimes sharing cause I feel like these things can take forever! Thanks for your encouragement girl?

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    I love how bright and open it looks! It’s amazing what a simple change in paint color can do.

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      Thanks girl! So true

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    Jelaya @ The Eden Establishment

    Trying to comment again…still figuring WordPress out! I love what you’ve done with your kitchen. The white cabinets and subway tile are beautiful. White works wonders when it comes to making an area feel more spacious.

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    I know you said you are getting a new kitchen island, but the one you have would look great in our space. Is it still for sale anywhere?

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      Yes it’s still at IKEA! It really is a great island, the dimensions just don’t fit the kitchen as well as I’d like. But definitely a great piece

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    Katrina @ Chic Little House

    Alma, I JUST discovered your blog and love your kitchen its so pretty….pretty bright white kitchens make me so happy 🙂 Your new kitchen looks bananas good from where you started, our 1950’s kitchen was a dark whole before we gutted it!!

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      Thanks you! I’m glad you found us! We are actually working on the second phase of our kitchen renovation and will be up on the blog next week!! Can’t wait to share that with you ❤

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    Roxy chacon

    Just discovered you page! Great work on kitchen I had a question I see a tiny door between sink and another cabinet but I’m not sure exactly what it is? Is it an actual tiny cabinet or just filler? Thanks in advance

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