Modern + Natural Family Room Update: Overview of progress –

Modern + Natural Family Room Update: Overview of progress

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Hey guys, we are officially at the halfway mark of the family room update! And I just realized I never gave this project a name.. let’s call this update The Natural + Easy Living Modern family room. I think this sums up the theme of this little home of ours so yeah, let’s go with that!

Today I wanted to share not only what we accomplished in the past week but also an overview of where we are at in the room since we are at the halfway mark, so this should be fun! You’ll notice we put our Ikea covers back on our couches for now because we have a sweet girl turning 1 this weekend and we gotta keep our covers fresh for the reveal. Isn’t slipcovers awesome!

So this past weekend we got to install the fireplace doors (clearly I didn’t take the time to wipe them down, whoops) that arrived which allowed us to also finish off the flooring trim where the flooring meets the tiles. If you’re curious about our flooring, I blogged all about that here. Also, you can see our fireplace wall door we used before in the last post.

We were also able to put the baseboards on and paint some areas that needed paint on the other walls that got a little messy when we were working on the fireplace wall.

Lastly, we got to hide all our consoles in those baskets. The baskets were all TJ Maxx finds and were the exact size I was looking for to keep these things nice and tucked away. They have cutouts at the bottom and part of the back so we can slip them out smoothly if needed and for better ventilation.

The shelf styling might not all be there in the end, but I couldn’t help myself and had to do a little styling already. That’s so typical of me. So what’s next? What do we need to do now? Well, here’s what I got on the list:

  • paint the fireplace wall
  • add shelves to the coffee station
  • install new wall sconces (but it’s not looking like they will be here on time for the reveal but that’s ok)
  • finish touches (couch covers, pillows, rug, coffee table, and all things pretty)
  • enjoy lots of family time right here!!


Hope you enjoyed this post and the halfway mark update! Looking forward to the final reveal which is just 3 weeks away. I am waiting on our rug, coffee table and lighting. I am still on the fence about what will be on our walls but it’s ok, there’s still a few weeks left! Looking forward to what another week will bring! Have a great rest of your week!

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    wow you are almost done and the room is beautiful!! that built-in is so good and you even found a spot for the stereo!

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    Rachael Martelle

    I love your home! What color paint did you use throughout on the walls and trim?

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