One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (Week Two) –

One Room Challenge: Breakfast Nook (Week Two)

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It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge!! If you just came from the One Room Challenge page over on Calling it Home, hello and welcome!!  

Things are getting pretty wild in here because 1: we have started phase 2 of the kitchen renovation but I’ll share more on that next week. And 2: we did get some things crossed off our list for the One Room Challenge!! Woo hoo!

Our friends over at The Shade Store have been our awesome sponsors for this beautiful shade and install and oh my gosh you guys, the quality is ahhhhmaxing! And it’s just so user-friendly! I can’t wait to share more on their awesome shades, where else we are using these guys in our home, with more details.

We did use their installation service to get ours hung! Thanks Maurice for the awesome install! 

Also, our pendant came in! … It’s no surprise that I’ve been really into this basket style for lighting lately and have been eyeing this for a while! I knew I wanted a white basket styled light in here and this ones just makes the space! I do have a different bulb that will work better for this light but for testing purposes when it was installed (just last night), this was within reach.

Lastly, we took a peak in our walls on both sides of the window to see where we can place our wall sconces and it looks like it’s a go! I couldn’t put it exactly where I wanted to due to beams and a pipe, but we will be confirming placement later today when my daddy gets back.

He has been so awesome helping us! He’s the best electrician and dad a girl could ever ask for. He’s a jack of all trades and the neat thing is my husband is also, and has learned so much about electrician things just watching my dad work!

That blue X you see is a hole my dad made yesterday and of course I needed a night to decide if I want it a little lower. Well he’ll be here soon and I’m still undecided lol!

Anyway,  I am between 2 style of wall sconces so I should be deciding in the next few days so I can have it delivered within the next week. Hopeful though and hoping to do all that and have them installed by week 4! 

Can it be done?! Will I finish on time?? There’s only 4 weeks left but I’m feeling pretty good! I am so happy with the progress so far! Stay tuned for an update next week!

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    Courtney Griffiths-Achilli

    I really love a breakfast nook. We didn’t have the space for one, but I dream of designing one for a client soon. Excited to see how it all comes together. What scones are you deciding between?

    1. Reply

      Thank you!! I love breakfast nooks too! That would be a fun design! I’m deciding between a glass and gold sconce like the one in my original design or a white an gold. Actually still debating? and I really wanted to install it this week. I like both so I don’t think I can go wrong!

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    Jen @ Noting Grace

    Alma! Those shades look gorgeous in your window and you are right – they are amazing! So excited to be doing this ORC with you! Can’t wait to see your big reveal, my friend!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Jen!! I really do the love the shades! They totally fit our home well! I’m so excited too!! Thanks girl!

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    Jenna Hovde

    Wow this transformation is amazing! Can you share which fabric these shades are? Looking to do a similar look in my kitchen thanks!

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