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Our coffee station + multi use space

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Hi my friends, who’s as excited as I am that Friday is just around the corner?! This weekend, we plan on remodeling our bathroom downstairs. We did give it a quick update a couple of years ago, but it’s time to take out the outdated sink in there! I’ll be sure to share that with you as soon as we finish and hoping we can finish it this weekend since it’s just a small powder room.

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Today, I wanted to share with you a little wall in our kitchen that we’ve been using as a coffee station, but also space for things we need within reach since we don’t have very much counter space in the kitchen. It’s perfect to create spaces like this for those of us with small spaces or even to just add a fun little corner specifically for your coffee, tea, hot cocoa and mugs!

modern farmhouse
This wall actually used to be a pantry and coat closet. I really should do a post on before and afters of our little fixer upper home, but I’ll save that for another day. 😉 So, my initial plan was to knock this wall out all together, but we found a lot of pipes in these walls. So instead of spending more money than we initially planned on spending, we decided to just knock out the pantry and closet to make a little more room for an island. So, now a table fits perfectly here and is such a perfect spot for our morning and midday caffeine needs =P

The table is from Ikea and you could find that here. It’s a fairly new line, very affordable and overall a great product. It looks like raw wood but does have some type of finish to it making it super easy to wipe down all the coffee and hot chocolate splashes that’s bound to happen. I did consider re-staining it, but once I brought it home, I actually enjoyed it as is. How long that will last, who knows. Typical Alma!

farmhouse style
On the wall to the left is our wall rack and it really is such a convenient rack to own and it just adds that farmhouse element to this space. Along with ol’ Betty of course. Both of these were finds from Decor Steals. Love them! As for the chalk board, it was a DIY and you can find more on how I made that here.

coffee station
The bottom of the table holds items used for our hot beverages and some extra cutting boards that just needed a home. On the top, of course holds our Keurig, our most recent and heavily used coffee grinds, and jars that hold things we reach for regularly, one being rice. Brown rice was in that empty one, but it’s due for a refill. Part of being Filipino means eating rice regularly! You just can’t eat your tinola, adobo or sinagang without rice! If you have no clue what these dishes are, find your closest Filipino friend and have them make you some;) I named those dishes cause I think they are the most common and American palate friendly!

coffee bar

farmhouse kitchen
Are you looking to make a little more counter space in your kitchen or need an area devoted to coffee and tea?! This was totally me too and this has really helped! Hope you enjoyed the post on our little coffee station and thanks so much for stopping by!
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farm house style

coffee station pin board


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    that IKEA table is the perfect thing I have been looking for! I need a console for behind my couch, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money, since it will be hidden (abutted against a set of windows), and I needed more function over huge showy style. The simplicity of the lines on the table is PERFECT, and something I could purchase and know I could move around all over my house, both exposed and hidden and still adore over time.

    Question – please tell me more about the grounds….are they the used ones from your coffee maker? Do you collect them and then discard in a mulch pile or composter? I would love to know! Also, do you have issues keeping the flour or rice from becoming humid? We live in Texas and often have humidity issues with those jars, and wondered if you had a solution or idea?

    LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! Everything is dreamy!

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    Hello, I’m wondering if you could tell me where you got the hanging basket with hooks that is underneath the cow head? It’s exactly weekday I’ve been looking for!

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