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Our new Ikea ektorp sectional couch + first impressions

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Have you ever got something spilled on your couch and no way of taking off the stain?? Well, this just happened to our sectional and I was a little devastated about it because I hate replacing things that are still in really good shape. I am that girl who still owns some shoes from junior high and let’s just say my high school just celebrated its 10 year reunion a couple of years ago! Yikes!! I know, so old, right.. I’m talking about my shoes ;p But they’re still in really good shape. In fact, I’ve owned quite a few Jordans from junior high and high school that I finally gave half to my son and the other half my husband sold on eBay.. I’m that girl that keeps things til the wheels fall off.. But here we are with a new sectional and I have to say, it was a sectional I did consider buying a while ago and just didn’t think would be a good idea since I’ve had a bad experience with an Ikea couch before.
This sectional is called the Ikea Ektorp corner sofa 2+2 found here. This is a corner sectional with 3 separate pieces that come apart and attach together easily. It’s also a slipcover couch with many different covers to choose from. I bought 2 covers called Tygelsjo beige and Blekinge white. After trying both covers, we decided we will be returning the white cover. It’s a little too harsh of a white and I think the beige is a little more child friendly. My husband is also requesting that we exchange it for the charcoal grey cover which is pretty much similar in color to our last couch so it will fit this space well also.


So what are my first impressions of this sectional? Well first, I love that they are equal in length on both sides as opposed to some that are more of an L shaped sectional. This one just fits our small space better and gives me a variety of choices of where the sectional can go in our family room. It’s also a pretty heavy couch compared to our last couch in that if it were to not lay flush against the wall, it doesn’t cause any problems for my husband who loves to throw his body on the couch every time he sits. Lol! I know there has to be at least one of you who has a husband with this same tendency!! It is a really cozy couch and not just in how it actually feels to sit in, but also in aesthetics. It really gives that pottery barn cozy look without breaking the bank. Lastly, I love, love, love that it’s a slipcover couch. I just love the idea of having the choice of basically throwing my couch into the washer. I’m just hoping washing the covers won’t be a pain.. So far I’ve read many reviews on this and people seem to have no complaints with that so we shall see. Oh, and I have to mention: my husband is really pleased with it so far which is such a relief cause he’s totally tough to please when it comes to couches. So negatives: so far I don’t think I have any as for first impressions.. I just asked my husband of any negatives and he says no, just potential stains but it looks like washing would be the resolution to major stains.. But, again we shall see..

So, if you haven’t noticed already, we are trying this couch out in front of the widow; where our tufted chairs usually sit found here and here. It’s such a big change cause we’ve had our couch on the other wall forever so this is kinda exciting for me. Haha.. So far, everyone is enjoying it over here, so it may be here for a while! Anyway, hope you enjoyed the new sectional in this space as much as we do and the review!! If you own this sectional and would like to share your thoughts, please do in the comments up top! Well, thanks so much for stopping by!! Now go and have a fabulous day friends!! hugs


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    Erin Peden

    Hi Alma! I just found your blog and love it! My style is exactly like yours!! I had a question. Could you tell me where you get your pillows/pillow covers from? And what sizes! I have the exact same couch and love your pillows!

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      Aww thanks for stopping by Erin! That really made me happy to read, thanks for the sweet compliment! And of course, the dark grey pillows and white striped pillows are from h&m 20×20. The sea grass colored pillows are from tjmaxx and the floral one was from Homegoods. Hope this helps! have a beautiful day!

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    I’ve had the ektorp 2+2 with 2 white slip overs for 3 years now. I love love the way it looks and have not gotten tired of it. My only complaint is the seat cushions are not comfortable for long periods of sitting. When we are watching a movie both mine and my hubby’s bottoms become numb! We have to shift a lot and get very uncomfortable. I’m thinking it’s because they are made of a hard foam product. That’s definitely the advantage of paying more for a quality made piece like pottery barn! Comfy bottoms ! 😉

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      oh no! thats good to know! I totally agree, if I didn’t have kids, and had the money to buy a higher quality piece, I’d definitely be shopping at Pottery Barn for one! Lol. So far, we haven’t had any issues but I’m sure when we do, my handy husband will find a solution! Haha. He always does! Thanks for stopping by Mechelle!!

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    I read your review because I just bought the same couch! I’m hoping we love it too! Also may I ask where you got your rug I’m looking for a similar one? Thank you

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      oh yay! we haven’t had the couch long enough to give a real review other than first impressions but so far we’re still loving it! this rug is also from ikea. its the larger one of the 2. hope this helps!

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        Thank You!!

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    Are these pictures the white or beige color? It is difficult to tell. Is the beige a muddy color or more of an off white French look?

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      Hi Amanda, it’s the beige cover and I wouldn’t say it’s muddy. I would say it has a neutral undertone. It’s a natural neutral off white color. hope this helps!

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    love the curtains- where did you buy them? i have the couch and am using your living room as in inspiration for my new one

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      HI Megan, these are from Ikea. They have really affordable curtains and these are called Vivan. Hope this helps!

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    Love your pics, ti looks beautiful! Also love your scripture on chalkboards! I am debating purchasing this sectional (or maybe the couch and love seat), depending on size. What are the dimensions from corner to arm? Is is really 95″ like I’ve seen? That seems huge! Also, is the construction solid? If the kids take a running jump onto it, or the hubby plops–is is going to snap in half??? Thanks! 🙂

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      thank you! it is a good size! it is very sturdy and won’t break or even move really if you plop down. The best thing to do is to just visit your nearest ikea and giving it a try! hope that helps!

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    Love your living room. What are the actual dimensions of the Ektorp sectional? It’s impossible to get an accurate measurement from their websie

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    Thank you for the information! Could you confirm the dimension of each wing of this sectional? It looks so small in the store but when I measure my room it seems like it will be huge! Is the 95 7/8″ dimension they put in the product description each wing or the entire sofa? Many thanks!

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    Fan girl

    We have had the Ektorp sectional for two years now and it looks like new. Our family finds it extremely comfortable. I bought the Nordvalla gray and the Blenkinge white slipcovers so I can change the look from winter to summer. I love to change the look of my living room and the versatility of the two colors lets me mix things up to my hearts content… a huge plus! As far as laundry goes, I let mine air dry and confess to ironing the sides of the base. A bit time consuming perhaps but I know it’s clean and looking good! I am sold on the benefits of slipcovers.

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    Love your loving room. Where did you buy your coffee table??

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      Thank you Julie! The coffee table is from World Market and it may be discontinued but it’s worth a try to check.

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