Farmhouse inspired simple decorating above cabinets 2 ways! –

Farmhouse inspired simple decorating above cabinets 2 ways!

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So, if you saw my last post, I shared our china cabinet which is such a simple way of dressing up a room while still having great function, right?! Well, you know me always tinkering and thinking of ways to make spaces interesting and personal! So I did add an extra touch to it by decorating the top. I also have a cabinet at the top of my stairs which I shared with you before here. Because the cabinet itself is simple with very clean lines and honestly a little too simple, I try to decorate on top of it so that it would be a little more appealing and pleasurable to look at. I mean, it really does help. I already hate running up those stairs that sometimes feel like a mile long by the end of the day! Having something nice to look at makes it a little worth while, haha! If you love having stairs, more power to you!! So today I wanted to show you how I made these 2 cabinets a little more interesting just by adding some simple decor up on top. And for me, I love adding interest without losing simplicity!
So like I’ve said before, I love simple and natural elements and drawn to clean lines and the easy-going farmhouse style. Who am I kidding though, I love everything beautiful! LOL! First up is the china cabinet. On top, I gave it a simple grouping of natural elements: mason jars, greenery, a wire basket and burlap. I thought this “lunch” sign also fit the space perfectly, making this otherwise very modern and somewhat contemporary built china cabinet more farmhouse, natural and relaxed! To me, that’s the beauty of clean lines and simple furniture. It can suit so many different styles with just a few changes in decor. For me, I didn’t want the china cabinet to look so serious and thought this added a more fun and relaxed look to it overall. What cha think?! I personally smile every time I look at it.
Next up is our cabinet at the top of the stairs. This cabinet is such an old piece that we have had forever but serves our family well, holding things that had no home before. I literally almost threw this piece out 3 different times. Unlike the china cabinet that I think is just pretty on its own, this isn’t the prettiest piece ever, but it does function well, and adding this “antique” wooden crate on top with some greenery, makes it a little prettier to look at, don’t you think? Oh, and so sorry, I didn’t do a very good job of cleaning off the previous “artwork” on the chalk board, so don’t mind him lingering on there.. hey, it adds character! Ha!
Hope you liked the new changes and simple styling added to our cabinets. I have to say, these 2 cabinets without any styling or decor, are really on their own, pretty basic, which I have to say I appreciate in furniture because it gives me room to be a little creative. With a little imagination and personal touches, we can keep those pieces we might have considered throwing out and bring it to life again! Well, have an awesome day friends and looking forward to meeting again soon! XO


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    Sarah Audi

    Leaving my name for the giveaway. You’re talented in so many ways!

    -Sarah Audi

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    Boncx5 here’s my entry for your giveaway, Alma :). God has blessed you with much talent, cuzz! Love and miss you!!

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