Simple Christmas decor to our Ikea DIY china cabinet: Christmas 2015 –

Simple Christmas decor to our Ikea DIY china cabinet: Christmas 2015

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Hey there, so glad you came by today to check out some Christmas 2015 fun we’ve been having over here at the Almafied home! I really wanted to share with you all today this super easy quick change for a more Christmasy feel to our DIY china cabinet shelfie display. You can see more details and how we made this Ikea hack cabinet here.




If you ever feel overwhelmed with changing and decorating between seasons and holidays, I’m here to encourage you today that it really doesn’t have to be that complicated. (But side note.. what is overwhelming me is how fast time is flying. It’s Christmas 2015?! Already?? Okay.. enough of that..) All it takes is adding a little of what reminds you of the season or holiday, which in this case is Christmas, and adding some touches to what you already have.. And voila.. After that, it looks like all you need now is some Christmas music, your dance partner, ready to get down and enjoy this wonderful time of year!




To the top of our cabinets, I generally treat it like a shelf of its own. And all I really did here.. ready?? Is add a few berries that I had on hand into that greenery that was already there since fall started. I also swapped out a basket that used to be on the left for a mini Christmas tree from the Target one spot section which I already had sitting pretty somewhere else but now this might be its permanent home for the rest of the year. I do have a bunch of these cause they’re just so cute and super cheap. Oh and that mason jar is just holding spare ribbon that I’m sure will be used to add color to other areas of the home.




Inside our cabinets, the china and Rae Dunn items pretty much stay here with each season. I love that they are neutral which makes swapping touches for each season really simple. The only things swapped out from Thanksgiving was some mini pumpkins from Trader Joes and a few porcelain pumpkins too. The few things added for this Christmas 2015 season are some red ribbons that I found in my bin of clearance ribbons, with cute little snow flakes on them just tied on to handles. Also a larger striped ribbon, that I used last year on our tree, hot glued to some greenery bases.




Then, like I did with the foliage at the top, I added some berries also to the foliage in the cabinet which are the ones from Ikea. Btw, these berries were all from just half of 1 stem that we already had but you can buy them at the craft store for a buck. You’ll see these berries throughout our home just to add pops of red here and there. Another thing in here that I have used as a continued Christmas accent throughout the home are these red ornament balls. They aren’t on the trees this year and it’s such an effective way to add pops of color and makes things feel just a little more Christmasy, doesn’t it?



Wasn’t that the simplest Christmas decorating ever? Everything was on hand already and took less than 20 minutes to do. If it takes longer, that’s okay too! The main thing is to not lose sight of what Christmas is about and that the Christmas decor and decorating would be a blessing to you and those who enter your home! Not the opposite! Hope this can encourage some of you today and even get us all excited to just enjoy this wonderful season of remembering the Savior! Have an awesome rest of the week!


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