The nursery turned guest bedroom: 3 easy tips to a successful summer ready guest bedroom –

The nursery turned guest bedroom: 3 easy tips to a successful summer ready guest bedroom

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Hey friends, it’s officially summer and we’re kicking off this summer heat with a summer blog hop with 12 of my blogger friends. We each are sharing an area we’ve styled for summer whether it be our patios, living spaces, our bedrooms or even our yummy dishes 😉 If you just came from Caitlin’s blog over at This Rustic Cottage, welcome! Glad you made it here! So, who’s going to be having visitors stay this summer?! Well, this one’s especially for you 😉

I was planning on sharing our summer patio along with our nursery turned guest bedroom with you guys, but no lie, my camera would’ve died out there in the heat or shattered to pieces from me fainting; it’s been so hot the past few days!

So here we are focusing on the guest bedroom and I’m so glad we did cause I get to also share 3 quick tips to get a guest room summer ready for the summa summa summa time! Sing it y’all!

Before we discuss the 3 tips, I know I know, some of you wanna get right down to the actual room.. So let’s get to it!

That throw pillow in the front is a pillow my friend Karla sent over for me to try from her new line for Three Little Warriors before it hits the shop. The material and print are so pretty and could be used for more than just kid spaces! You’ll see on my IG feed, I used this pillow in my breakfast nook, my living room and I think even my dining room! It’s that versatile! I can’t wait to see what else she’ll have in stock with this line!

The wood signs are a set my friend Maggie sent over from her shop Hunt & Gather Goods. I currently have these and a laundry sign from her shop, and I really gotta give it up to this girl! The quality and the over all design is soo good and well made! I’m not just saying that cause she’s my friend either! This girl is a pro at her craft!

We stuck with a very neutral palette. White and wood are always a good choice in my book! The furniture is pretty much all Ikea but an easy way to make the furniture different and seem more collected, swap out the original knobs like we did both on the day bed and on the gray cabinet.

We shopped the house to flip this room to fully function as a guest bedroom. First we moved the crib out. Then we brought in a desk that was in my other daughter’s room and a bookshelf from the living room. The rest was filled in as we went!

The daybed was one of my first purchases when we moved into this house. I knew it would come in handy when we would have guests over for the night! We’ve had them for a year now and I am still so pleased with that purchase. Now to get more comfy mattresses for it!

The light fixture was a DIY. We actually got this light from World Market in black for less than $40 when it was on clearance. It was meant to go in our 13 year olds room in our last house but then ended up putting our house on the market so we waited. Long story short, this room had a ceiling fan that I wasn’t a big fan of so in went the light after I gave it a good ol spray with a gold can we already had. It matched the room better than the black would have.


Wood signs: Hunt & Gather Goods
White and grey throw pillow: Three little Warriors (line coming soon)
pink sheets, round mirror, water-color framed art, metal chair, unicorn: Target
quilt/shams: TJMaxx
Furniture, rug and clock: Ikea (except chair)
light fixture: world market and DIY sprayed gold
knitted throw: h&m
fan: vintage find

Pretty fun right? I was supposed to post all about our nursery cause it was long overdue, but it got really crazy here, one thing led to another and before I knew it, our nursery became a library, holding many stacks of books and binders, crayons, markers and ALL THE THINGS like for real! There was no way I was going to get that thing photo ready any time soon. Until now!! Yay for summer. Of course that also meant sharing a guest bedroom first, but I will share soon how it is in here when it’s not being utilized as a guest room which is how it is most of the time.

NOW– if you’re still with me, get it girl! But seriously, you’re the best.


1. Comfort is key

  • Fresh and clean sheets, a bed they can rest easy on, extra pillows and blankets they can easily get to.
  • Keep it cool whether with air conditioning or a good fan. In our guest room, there’s both so all bases are covered!
  • keep the bed a no fuss zone. no need for lots of layering or heavy blankets. You can always keep an extra comforter or throw off to the side. We stored one on the shelf and one draped on the chair.

2. Easy access to all the things

  • i.e. towels, hands and face towels, extra toiletries, iron, ironing board, etc. Having the shelf in here has helped with that.
  • wi-fi login and password visible for them to see because sharing is caring and no one can survive now-a-days without the wi-fi;) I used an old frame, spray painted the glass into a little chalkboard and use it for this purpose in here.
  • people are generally already feeling like they may be over stepping staying at your place. Make it as easy for them as possible by either having these items in their room or letting them know where to find it. But specifically for the things that are used daily, make sure those are in their room, fresh and ready to be used!

3. Keep it airy and light

  • visually as well as literally! Nothing too heavy and crowded and going to make your guest sweat!
  • design wise, keep it light and bright. A light room feels more fresh and embraces the sunny days to come! If the walls are painted a dark color or furniture is dark, no worries! Crisp white sheets and a mirror that light can bounce off of can still do the trick!

That’s it, but whatever the season, go above and beyond when you can. Whether it’s summer or any other time of the year, try to always check up on them, offering water, snacks, food and ask if there is anything else they might need. I think this is so important because like I already mentioned, people generally aren’t sure what is okay and not okay and a lot of times are too shy to ask for anything because they already feel it’s a lot to just take up a room. And I know for me, there are just going to be things I might not have thought of so I need to ask!

There you have it. I know there are a lot more I could have listed, but for summer, these are on the top of my list! Did I forget anything? What’s on the top of yours. Let me know in the comment section below!

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    Your pics are GORGEOUS as always, great tips, what a beautiful space!

    1. Reply

      Thank you so much! Glad you liked the tips!

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    Alma, this room is so soft and pretty! Love your pictures.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Brandi!! I’m so glad! This is currently my favorite room! Maybe cause all the other rooms are in need of some picking up!

  3. Reply
    yuni min

    I love how bright and airy this space is. Any guest would be lucky!

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    What a gorgeous space! I’ve been eyeing that daybed for my guest bedroom for a while, it was fun to see how you pulled it all together.

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    Alma I love this room and I can’t wait to stay there! haha Great job!

  6. Reply
    Caitlin Paulson

    So gorgeous!!! Love all the details!

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    Deb, Seeking Lavender Lane

    Beautiful Alma! I just love your bright spaces and your style!

  8. Reply

    I love it all Alma! Any guest would be lucky to stay here, such a perfect space!

  9. Reply
    Renee Gibson

    What a beautiful room! I would be happy to sleep there:-)

  10. Reply
    Jen Noting Grace

    Alma – What a cozy guest room! I love all the touches of gold – and that light that you spray painted is the bomb! I also love all the beautiful pillows and bedding. Excellent job my friend! It is a welcoming space for any guest!

  11. Reply

    Alma, you have me kicking my butt into gear! I need to get our guest room together, this is beautiful and functional!

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