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A simple and pretty summer table setting

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Hello friends, are y’all as excited for the summer as I am?? It’s been nice sleeping later and sleeping in a little later too, going on fun outings, enjoying the sun (with the exception of today due to a weird weather change), enjoying each other and just enjoying God’s many blessings that He brings during the summer time! We just made our summer bucket list and I am just as thrilled as my kids to try to do all these things, especially the ones that include swimming! This is probably my kids favorite thing to do in the summer, and probably would be in the winter too, if I let them.. LOL. Though not on our bucket list, I wanted to share a summer styled table setting for the summer brunches, lunches, and dinners you throw for your friends and family! Here’s a post from a few months ago of a way our dining table has looked like on a regular day.


When I think of summer, I think of airy (whats new, don’t I always, haha), fresh (another fave), laid back, relaxed and fun… Hmm, this kinda describes me 😛 Yep, I’m so fun! Hahahah! I wanted to translate this into my table setting while still giving the vibe of it being a special time. So you’ll see mainly glass (being see through, it takes up less visible space), some recycled glass because it adds some color, neutrals, nothing harsh.. Keeping the space light and easy-going. Of course you could go with a more bright and fun color scheme, this was just the feel I wanted to stick to and I kinda love how it turned out.



When putting this table together, I shopped the home and used things we already use on a normal day and items on hand. These bowls are our cereal bowls cause they’re deep and perfect for that, but we also use them for soups and salads.. They’re the perfect size. You can find these at Marshalls/ TJMaxx/ Homegoods for about $2-$3 a bowl. They are also durable and my kids are pretty rough so you gotta love that. These snifters were in the clearance section at Homegoods that my husband found (6 glasses for $3/4). I chose them instead of wine glasses for this table setting to keep the height of the glasses the same height and on the short side. The brand new mason jars with the handles were an awesome find my sister and I found at a garage sale. My sis bargained them down to $10 for 30 mugs so we split the cost and each got 15 mugs for $5! What a steal right?!



The 2 ends of the table have linen napkins that were from TJMaxx on clearance for 4/$1.. Yes $1. The other napkins and runner were from World market and I forget the price, but the runner was on sale and I believe they still sell these items. I think these are just perfect year round! I added a metal basket to give it a bit of a relaxed farmhouse feel and I just liked the contrast of having it be a part of the setting. This “serve” serving platter is from the Magenta Rae Dunn line. Love this! These are sitting on a Paula Dean dough board because I have to layer everything (duh) and the wood warms up the table a little, doesn’t it?! The 2 vases were another awesome find from TJMaxx in the clearance area for $5 a piece. I stole these from the tv area and will probably sneak them back after. I was happy to find these because I tend to use the sea-foam tinted recycled glasses during the spring and summer months, so this was perfect. The serving carafes in the middle can hold beverages that might not have the prettiest packages. I.e. soda bottles, juice bottles, etc.. I was going for a more informal and relaxed table setting.. I mean let’s be real, this area can’t handle fancy nancy.. so the relaxed table setting is perfect. I just dressed it up a little with the wanna be wine glasses, table runner and some faux flowers because even if you don’t have fresh flowers on hand, these are a decent substitute.. I think… Yes, to me it’s acceptable (my excuse is that it’s a laid back event k guys ;P) but of course fresh flowers are preferred! And voila.. It totally looks ready for hosting a small little luncheon with your girls! Who’s coming over? 😉



If you’re having guests over this summer, and wanna make it special but don’t wanna break the bank, shop your home first.. Then see what you need, and shop the clearance sections like me 😉 And, have fun with it! It’ll make even the simplest meals looks so pretty and fun to eat;) You like that trick huh. wink Also, if you don’t have a fancy dining room, don’t let that hold you back from using your simple dining space, no matter how big or small or how simple.. Don’t let these things get in the way of making it pretty to your liking! You can do it! Thanks for coming and hanging with me even for just a minute! Hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration for your next brunch, lunch or dinner with your loves! Enjoy the rest of your week fabulous friends!! XX



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