Transitioning into Fall with Magnolia blooms of the Peninsula: Around the world with Balsam Hill –

Transitioning into Fall with Magnolia blooms of the Peninsula: Around the world with Balsam Hill

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When we decorate, we are always inspired by something. It could be from a color palette, time in history or maybe even exotic locales and well-loved cities around the globe. Today I am joining a few blogger friends on this fun campaign with Balsam Hill to do just that. It’s all about decorating with inspirations from around the world and making it your own.


If you are visiting from Courtney’s (of French Country Cottage) blog, welcome!!


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In this room, I’m using some Balsam Hill products to do a refresh to our dining room, influenced by the Peninsula’s beautiful Magnolia blooms. These beautiful blooms have inspired me to give my dining room a refresh as we slowly transition into Fall. Though this flower is native to the Southeastern U.S., I have been seeing this tree everywhere, right here in the Bay Area so it already felt familiar and fit right in our home before I even started decorating.


This beautiful magnolia wreath really has a southern charm to it, and I can’t get enough of its beautiful lush leaves, perfectly mimicking the real thing.




Thats right, this wreath is faux, but I bet you would have never guessed it. Embarrassingly enough, I had to smell the leaves to confirm they are in fact not real. It was clear right when I opened the box how well made and high quality the wreath was. This wreath can make any room more homey.

I knew our white blooming Magnolia tree would be perfect in this corner of the dining room.


The patina on this pot is beautiful and really gives this tree character.

It casts a beautiful silhouette in here when the sun comes up every morning and adds a feminine touch to this room.

Though these blooms don’t give off the scent of actual blooms, this Scents of the Season machine gives off a sweet aroma. I know you can’t smell it, but Balsam hill describes it best as a hint of comfort with notes of honey and vanilla.

The Magnolia fragrance tea oil distributes the scent through this machine which is small enough to be hidden but also subtle enough that it can blend in with any decor.


Lighting is a great way to UP the coziness in a space. These fairy light string cloches really reminds me of the beautiful stars and city lights at night. It adds the perfect amount of warmth to this room in the evenings.

Even if we aren’t going to be in here, I turn it on in the evenings and just smile at how pretty the lights are everytime I walk by. Speaking of lights, I love how our light fixture from Hudson Valley Lighting called Astoria, though a statement piece, definitely fits in so many styles and totally works with the changes in here! 

I also switched out our jute rug for one with color because adding some blue was needed for a Peninsula inspired space! It also added some depth to the room and was the perfect way to layer in some color.

My husband also brought home some “just because I love you” flowers and there was no way we were going to skip the opportunity to add a little sentiment to this room refresh!


That’s it! Time to enjoy some tea cause no matter where I am in the world, I’m always up for tea or coffee! Hope you enjoyed our dining room refresh inspired by the blooms of the Peninsula, using these beautiful items from Balsam Hill.

Thank you for coming by and embracing a touch of the Peninsula with me!



Next up, is Cristen of The Naptime Reviewer.


She will be sharing tomorrow on the Parisian Countryside, so stay tuned! Here is the whole line up for the week:


Here’s a round up of all the items in our dining room from Balsam Hill:
White Blooming Magnolia Tree
Scents of the Season machine
Fairy Light String Cloche
Magnolia Blooms Wreath

Lastly, there is an awesome giveaway going on right now on Balsam Hill’s Facebook page where you can win an awesome topiary of your choice that was featured in this blog hop. Head here to enter.



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    Just beautiful Alma! I love the crisp yellows and of course all the white.

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    Liz Arrieta

    Hi Alma! Beautiful! I love magnolia flowers. We had a tree in our backyard at Crownpointe(Vallejo) that was a magnolia. It was hard to leave it. Wish I could buy a wreath like that.
    Anyway, wanted to tell you that one of my friends (actually discipling her) just started following your blog. She saw you under another category and then saw your Instagram. So she started to follow you and noticed I was one of your followers. It intrigued her so she looked at our profiles and finally saw the connection. She loves your work! She told me to tell you she loves following you and your blog, She was so happy to see how we’re related. Anyway, you’re amazing how you do this and homeschool and take care of your family. I know, by God’s grace.

    Love you,

    Mom Liz

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    Could you link your chandelier? It’s beautiful!

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