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We officially have a one year old running wild

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You guys, I don’t always share on family here on the blog, but when I do, you know it’s special! It’s definitely special because our sweet girl turned 1 last week!

Baby Rae decided to walk at 11 months after we specifically asked her not to act old until she was 1. Totally kidding… but not really. We really weren’t ready for her to not be our little crawling babe but it’s weird, the moment she started walking, we were all about it!

We didn’t get very many pics when we celebrated her birthday because it was just too crazy and we were all busy having fun! She didn’t have a birthday cake but we got our favorite donuts instead from Baker’s Donuts, based in Sacramento. If you live around there, you gotta try it!

We didn’t even get to open gifts til we got home from church the next day. It was fun watching her (with lots of help from her sibs) open her gifts and probably reacted more to her sibling’s “oohs” and “aahs” more than the gifts themselves.

I love the pretty signs of fun (read mess) in here and the last-minute decor the kids and I put up. We almost canceled celebrating her birthday because of the Napa fires, but at the perfect time, the fires were tamed and the smoke cleared. So, lots of last-minute things happened, and it kinda made it that much more memorable for us! For one, that gold letter “R” was actually supposed to be a “1” but of course all the local party stores ran out of it so this was the next best thing. It’s a reminder to me of how things don’t have to be perfect to be enjoyed!

We opened the gifts on this super cool play mat that was sent to us by Ruggish which is a company that sells this rug that is a train station on one side (pictured above), a stylish looking rug on the other side and a play mat all in one! The kids have been playing on here a lot since we got it in the  mail!

After Rae’s nap, she played here on the cool rug side and dad even fell asleep on it playing with her. We were all super tired from celebrating but the mat is just so cushy and comfortable to lay on! I love playing with her on this comfortable and stylish rug! The best part is when I let her have snacks on it, it’s just a baby wipe away from being clean again.


I love just watching this girl play, and each day she just keeps getting better and better at walking! She’s so fast! It melts my heart seeing her explore the house on her 2 sweet little chunky feet!

I love that cute little mini ponytail of hers!

My friend Karla sent baby Rae those cute baby pants with cute little cactus’, the blanket and throw pillows all from Three Little Warriors. The material is super soft; I seriously wish they made those pants in adult sizes! Ha! But seriously though!

I think this girl is going to love decor like her mama! For real, give her all the fun toys and she ends up playing with decor (like this pumpkin) or controllers.. Yeah, she also loves messing with our phones but what child doesn’t nowadays?! This girl knows how to swipe and everything; it’s so funny!

This girl has been such a sweet gift to our family this part year, and I think Jason and I are finally ready to accept that she is no longer that little baby that just sits and crawls. I’m looking forward to seeing how much she changes in just the next few months!!

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