Our DIY built in coffee station

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Just 1 more day till I hit my 34th week in my pregnancy! And honestly, there are no signs in this house of expecting the arrival of a newborn.. Other than the fact that I look like I'm hiding a beach ball underneath my clothes. Pretty sad, I know. Life has been a rollercoaster since finding out we were expecting.. We were in our first year of homeschooling 2 kids,…

A simple + easy DIY entryway casing

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Have you ever been forced to lay in bed for long periods of time? Well, I'm officially in my third trimester at 28 weeks and 4 days to be exact, and though I wasn't put on bed rest (very thankful for that), my baby basically told me today I needed to get off my feet and lay down. The pressure and cramping I've been experiencing has been a bit much…

Said our goodbye’s to the house on Jennings and a little intro of our new home

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Oh my goodness, it's been too long! Oh how I've missed sharing all things home, loves and life right here. I just wanted to say hello and give a quick update since my last post which was the spring tour. I'm terrible I know, but I am here today to bring you guys up to date! Can you believe we're already in August?! Well if you are following along on…

One Room Spring Tour: Living Room

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Hey friends. A few weeks ago, my sweet friend Kathleen over at Lindsay Hill Interiors asked me to be a part of the #OneRoomSpringTour and only a crazy woman would say no to that, right?! Before we get started, I wanted to mention I have an awesome update on where we're at with our house being on the market but let's be real.. you didn't come today for that so…

Our preteen’s bedroom

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I know I haven't shared the kid's bedrooms here on the blog. Mainly because I haven't really gotten around to decorating their rooms but decided now is better than never! And how I came to that conclusion was it's spring break and the room isn't going to get much cleaner than this =P #truestory! But also, other than helping my son put things on the walls, he had a lot…